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Offshore banking - the instrument for privacy and tax exemption!

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Dubai Offshore Banking is an increasingly secure, stable and reliable banking option and can help gain a strategic presence in an emerging financial market
Those hoping to undertake Dubai Offshore Banking can do so in a relatively quick time.
Investors undertaking Dubai Offshore Banking can track their transaction worldwide via Internet banking, which is offered with most Dubai offshore bank accounts.
Dubai Offshore Banking allows flexibility. There are no funds transfer restrictions

With recent legislation, governments worldwide have achieved significantly more access to banking information.
EMN Chartered offers a safe, legal and tax-free account structure providing complete anonymity and fully legal tax exemption. We can establish a unique structure whereby the account is held in the name of a specially-formed offshore corporation, which is legally exempted from all taxes, book-keeping, auditing or reporting.

Having an offshore company as official account holder is a crucial point. Opening a foreign account under a private name would not cease your obligation to list it in your tax declaration. You could simply "forget" to declare it and hope nobody finds out - but it is clearly tax evasion and some risk of exposure will always remain. The offshore company by its nature does not have to pay any taxes. Therefore, having the company filed as account holder you can honestly state you are not owning any overseas accounts whilst the actual control over the account is solely with you.


Our account opening assistance service, offers access to feature rich business checking accounts. The accounts offer facilities such as internet banking, multi currency services, cheques and credit cards with very high daily limits on cash withdrawal at ATMs worldwide. There is no check on your credit history.
Offshore bank accounts in Dubai are an exclusive offer to clients who have registered the required offshore company with EMN Chartered. For these banking purposes we especially recommend RAK Offshore for the company formation.

Dubai Corporate Bank Account

Offered for Free Zone Company formation.

Our Dubai corporate banking assistance team has an excellent relationship with international banks in Dubai and will provide assistance in opening a Dubai Corporate Bank Account for your registered company.

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